The Wait Is Over

After waiting all winter for winter, the wait is over. For sleigh pulling horses, powder seeking skiers, and snow plowing drivers, it was a season of minimal work and less play. Despite being fully prepared, Gray Head’s number of plow day’s hit a record low.

Fortunately, with state of the art snowmaking and a few good storms, the Telluride ski area miraculously managed to provide a respectable ski experience right up to closing day. But we can now stop our desperate snow dances and officially embrace spring.

This slideshow depicts the various stages of our ice rink and help illustrate the unusual winter of 2017/18.


There IS an upside to a mild winter. We’ ll get an early start to hiking, tennis, fly fishing and other activities that can be enjoyed around Gray Head and throughout the region. Let’s hope for a hearty monsoon season so we can enjoy the wildflowers of summer and keep the fire potential low.

Stay tuned… lots more spring and summer activities and updates coming soon!


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