Big Horn in Gray Head

2014-04-07 13.32.43This bighorn sheep was traveling on Last Dollar  Road, just below Hawn Lane, on Monday afternoon, April 7th. I noticed that it had a tag on it’s neck that read #153 and reported the sighting to Brad Banulis, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Biologist for the Montrose area. He confirmed that this ram was collared in April 2013, near Vanadium. The satellite GPS collar allows him to receive locations almost daily. This bighorn “spent all last summer and most of this winter in the San Juans, ranging from Whipple Mtn. to Sneffels and south towards Imogene”, Brad said. The day I took this photo, he had come from the lower end of Deep Creek Mesa, near the highway. He then traveled up Hawn Mtn. and, by the next  afternoon, he was up on Ruffner Mtn.

The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep was designated the official state animal of Colorado in 1961. Learn more about this magnificent sheep and the management plan for this herd. 

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