Fishing & Hiking News

There is never a bad time to be at the cabin. In the winter, it provides a warm and cozy retreat. But, in the summer, it open’s itself up to so much more!

DSC_4363By August, the grass is at it’s greenest, the temperatures are perfect, and the fish are eager to participate in a game of catch & release. Grayson Phelan and Chip Catsman tell it all! Wonderful to see so many Homeowner’s, with family and friends, enjoying the cabin and hiking the trails!!

unnamed-2In addition to fishing, August is also a great time to get out on our trails, especially if you like to forage. Earlier in the month, the woodsy sections were full of (edible) bolete mushrooms; now, the wild delicacy of the month is raspberries – the best patch can be found on Stoli’s Trail, on the southern edge of the aspen grove. And don’t miss a stop at the Willow Falls – our very own John Knowles hand crafted, on site, a beautiful new bench for sitting, relaxing and admiring the lovely falls!


On Friday, August 29th, Gray Head will once again host the Telluride Film Festival Patron Brunch. Look for another BLOG post soon with photos of the “stars among the stars”! Hope to see many of you here for the “SHOW”.


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