For the Love of Hawn

Hawn Heart Rock

One of Gray Head’s finest summer amenities are the beautiful and unique hiking trails. Every section of this 16 + mile trail system is well worth exploring. The grandest trail of them all may be the Hawn Mountain Trail. Travel on hand laid talus stones, thru 16 switchbacks, to the top and relax on the stone chairs. There’s no better place to enjoy a lunch and take in some of the best 360 views the area has to offer.  Follow the ridge back a few hundred yards and look for the Hawn Heart Rock. You can also continue along this ridge, following the cairns, and make this an interesting loop hike down the “Back of Hawn”. 

The visual and culinary opportunities are abundant and exceptional in the San Juan mountains this time of year, especially this year due to late May snow and lots of monsoonal activity this summer. So be sure to bring your camera and a bag for collecting mushrooms!


(photos courtesy of Amy Levek)

Other Coming Attractions:
35th Annual Mushroom Festival
41st  Telluride Film Festival
Hope to see you all at the top of Hawn!
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