May Snow Brings…

2015-05-15 09.01.34
Path to Homeowners Cabin
May 15, 2015

Higher river flows, green (and white) landscapes, Summer wildflowers, July fireworks (lower fire risk), Fall mushrooms…  to name just a few of the silver linings a snowstorm in Spring brings. And we all know that the sun will return as the days grow longer and the hiking, biking, fishing, festival season begins!

MountainFilm kick starts the season this Memorial Day weekend. For a full listing of all the 2015 Spring/Summer/Fall Festivals & Events, visit the Calendar.





SAVE THE DATE: The Annual Gray Head HOA Meeting for 2015 is scheduled for Friday, July 3rd at 1 pm at the Homeowner’s Cabin. Hope to see many of you there to enjoy a BBQ and refreshments once the meeting has adjourned!

2015-05-17 09.42.56
May 17 – The sun returns…
and the daffodils rejoice!


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