Mountains of Snow

Sighs of relief echo throughout the region as winter storms continue to roll in and snow levels rise.


After last years severe drought, this white landscape appears magical… like a blessing and a gift, not to be take for granted. We are having a true winter experience here in the San Juans – a season worth celebrating!

Holiday Reflections

Speaking of celebrations, we had a great one in Gray Head this New Years Eve. The Homeowner’s cabin was filled to capacity with residents, family and friends eating, drinking and toasting the beautiful snowy night away. It was a wonderful kickoff to 2019.

New Years Eve at the Homeowner’s Cabin

Skiers are also cheering. Mountain skiing is of course one of the highlights of a prosperous winter and the conditions on the Telluride ski area couldn’t be better. For those who like to skinny ski on lower terrain, there’s an additional bonus. Our valley floor, which never officially opened last year due to lack of snow, is now in full swing and Nordic skiers are ecstatic.

Nordic on the Valley Floor

Whether it’s work or play, the locals, visitors, skiers, shovelers, plowers and shopkeepers alike all benefit from our mountains and valleys being covered with snow.

Resident Bobcat

The wildlife is also thriving… here in our “Wilderness Preserve”. The elk herds are everywhere and if you’re lucky you might cross paths with a bobcat.

Here’s to more snow and wildlife sightings!

Happy New Year to all and hope many of you have or will be planning to spend time here enjoying this bountiful and beautiful winter season.


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