Summer Sightings

Dry and smoky. A cautionary, some would say alarming, start to summer. The landscape was parched from our recent winter/spring drought. Rivers were low from lack of snow runoff. Skies were often filled with smoke, blown into our valley from the 416 and Burro fires to the south. Stage 2 fire restrictions went into place, fireworks were cancelled, and even the San Juan National Forest was closed for a few weeks. We held our breath and did a rain dance.

Then it happened. Almost on cue, the rains arrived in early July and a great sigh of relief was felt throughout the region. Fires were contained, skies cleared, and slowly the valley and peaks turned from brown to green. Even the wildflowers felt safe enough to come out and fire restrictions were downgraded to Stage 1.

Between the dry June and rain in July, Gray Head homeowners brought their family, friends and dogs to the cabin for our annual HOA BBQ. It was a celebration of summer, 4th of July, and a chance to eat, drink and be merry in one of the most beautiful places. The following slideshow highlights the cabin party and a few other summer sightings around Gray Head.

(* these slideshow photos taken by guest Jeff Grosse – thank you!)

Other News in Gray Head:

TRAILS: The return to Stage 1 fire restrictions have allowed us to begin brush cutting the main trails around Gray Head. Enjoy a short walk on the Pardisio or a longer hike on the Willow Trail with a nice break at the waterfall. We plan to cut more trails in the coming weeks.

TFF PATRON BRUNCH: Gray Head will once again host this wonderful event – Friday, August 31st. Information on brunch & movie tickets for Homeowners will be sent out soon as well as a link to all Telluride Film Festival info for 2018 (not yet posted by TFF). Hope to see many of you there!

It’s August now and, as I write this, smoke has returned to our valley, likely from the Bull Draw Fire (near Nucla) and our afternoon showers have gone missing. Let’s hope the monsoons return soon, followed by many rainbows (and mushrooms later this season!).

Happy summer to all.

Sunset view from “Catmando”
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