Waiting for Winter

It’s mid December (officially winter) but feels more like Indian summer. The landscape is golden brown instead of white, and we’re trading down coats and wool hats for wind breakers and visors. I ran around Gray Head yesterday wearing shorts with a long sleeved shirt and felt over dressed. While it’s beautiful and comfortable, it also feels a bit strange for hiking and biking to be better than skiing and skating this time of year.

Locals who’ve lived here more than a couple decades will tell you they’ve seen this dry pattern before. But they also seem optimistic that snow will come.  As the saying goes “we’re only one good storm away from winter”. Let’s hope that storm is on it’s way with more to follow.

Here’s a few photos depicting the beauty of this unusual season:


Earlier this week a Drilling Contractor was in Gray Head as part of the Summit Creek water project. They drilled and took samples from 5 holes, approx. 18-30 ft. deep, to determine the soil makeup. We were fortunate to get an education about the geology of this area from the onsite geologist. Many of the samples from the Mancos shale layer showed remains of sea shells and salt dating back 65 to 85 million years ago when the  entire state of Colorado was an ocean!

And, in case you missed it,  the November cover of  “O Magazine” featured Oprah in Telluride, at Bridal Veil Falls. According to Oprah, this cover idea seemed “like a fun idea.” “So off everyone went to her favorite Telluride waterfall, where she was to be photographed in a gorgeous gown. The terrain was rocky. The hike was steep. The water was icy. The air was freezing. The model was unable to feel her fingers. The gown was out. A scarf was borrowed. And the shoot was over in two minutes flat!” said O Magazine.

May you all have a merry and bright Holiday Season!


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